Posted: 10/24/2016
Harvesting Events

They’re back! Food trucks have a new serving spot, and it’s a BIG RED hot one. The new “Food Truck Landing” is on the Lamar University campus between the Brooks-Shivers Dining Hall and Mary & John Gray Library. Although open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the lunch crowd on inaugural day included classmates and friends DeShunte Jackson, Jaylan Jackson and Ikea Taylor taste testing foods from two trucks – LU Big Red Food Truck and Gringeaux's Food Truck. Charles Wagner and Victoria Rice had Philly cheesesteak sandwiches with fries from the LU truck, and Terry Croft and Angela Kruse had Frito pies from Gringeauxs. Three squares a day are now available from food trucks on the LU campus. 

Speaking of food, a ton, well, more than 600-pounds, was harvested at The Giving Field. St. Anne Catholic School fifth graders harvested “a ton” of sweet potatoes that have been growing on the grounds of The Giving Field since the kids, then fourth graders, planted them back in May. Suzanne Maloney harvested taters with grandson, Sam Maloney. Groups of children - Sam Mahan, Austin Isabell and Michael Drago – worked diligently alongside one another to unearth the potatoes and put them in buckets while adults, including Some Other Place’s Executive Director Paula O’Neal stood by watching the kiddos’ enthusiasm over the bounty of their toils. Some Other Place and The Hospitality Center in Port Arthur will receive the potatoes to feed the hungry during the Thanksgiving season. SWEET!  

IEA Ben’s Kids hosted its annual Fall Fest hosting kids and their families for a night of carnival-like fun, food, drinks and family time. Executive Director Angeliqueca Avery welcomed the young people, their parents and siblings as well as guests that included District Attorney Bob Wortham, LIT Foundation Executive Director Joanne Brown and Beaumont Police Officer Jessica McCauley. Officer McCauley addressed the group also explaining that Beaumont Police Department is committed to continuing its relationship with the community through its programs such as Cops & Kids as well as others. When the music started at the cake walk, the fun games began, followed by eating and more play.  



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